Day 10 – Mile 2470 – Rimousky, Quebec

We get our first share of rain. Ten straight days of sun was a bit too much. The bridge out of PEI is 10 miles long and costs $17 for mototrcycles ($42 for cars!). We head north for more than 400 miles. You get landscape spoiled after Nova Scotia and PEI and it seems like this part of eastern New Brunswick doesn´t have much to offer. Its a lot of forest, pines, a bit of orange from some trees, and few curves. Its easy to fall asleep on the road and we have to stop for coffee more than once.

In this neck of the woods you start seeing Canada´s power generation and heavy industry. Smelters, generators, and lots of distribution lines heading to Quebec city and Montreal. Once you cross from NB to Quebec province, the landscape improves drastically. You border rivers that all head towards the St. Lawrence – the big guy that splits the province of Quebec. The language also changes immediately. No more getting away with English. Struggle at the gas station for details about the Rimousky Ferry and dad´s basic french comes in very handy.

Get to Rimousky at 6PM. Find a hotel close to the ferry. Tomorrow we cross St. Lawrence on a ferry and start heading to Quebec down the northern shore. Federer plays Djokovic on CBS.

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