Garmin Troubles: “Updating bluetooth firmware”

Para solucionar el problema de “Updating Bluetooth firmware” loop:
Solution that worked on my  Zumo 550. The unit is trying to open a update file on your unit but not reading it correctly. We need to try and delete these files that are not loaded correctly.
To delete the update file, please follow these steps:
1) Connect device to computer with the USB cable
2) Once it is connected, you will need to open the GPS as a drive. If you are using a PC, this will show up in “My Computer.” If you are using a Mac, it should appear on your desktop.
3) Double-click into the Garmin folder.
4) Double-click into the Remote SW folder.
5) Inside this folder, we need to delete any of the .GCD files. There may be one or several, delete them all. Example: 006B055301.GCD
6) Close out of the “My Computer” window or this folder
Personalmente, despues de borrar los archivos que indicaban ahí arriba en el directorio Remote SW, tambien borre un archivo Update.gcd en el directorio principal y procedi a actualizar el software del Garmin desde la página:
Y se me dio el milagrito !!
Gonzalo Bueno
Viajeros del Sur


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