Day 9 – Mile 1995 – PEI

PEI Mate 034

(vean mas fotos en el flickr de gonza y mate)

The decision was not tough to make. Given the place where we are staying, the people who are here, and the attractions in PEI, we decided to stay here another night. Add to that the laundry factor and the chance to rest a bit… and get a little wifi to catch up with all of you.

Andy tells us to visit the north shore, so we do. PEI is a do-it-yourself place. Traveling through the backroads of the island we run into Canada´s Soap Factory – a place where a family started making soap for others in PEI in the 1990s and now make soap for many outside the island. All with goat milk from their own goats!

PEI Mate 026

We later run into Kim – a former dutch diplomat who worked and then retired in PEI. When he stopped to think what he wanted to do during retirement, he picked the thing he loved most in life and decided to do that – smoke salmon. He invited us into his place and showed us his 3 man operation, where he makes much of the salmon that ends up going across Canada, the US, and many NYC restaurants.

PEI Mate 052

At the end of the day we gather at Andy´s and have dinner with Nova Scotians who come once a year to stay at Andy´s and bike around the island. We have a feast, talk a little about everything, and pack up for the next day. Glad we stayed here for the day.

Short update in words, but much more in pictures!

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