Day 7 – Mile 1648 – Meat Cove, NS

We are on the very northern tip of Cape Breton. This as as far as vehicles can go. Took about 10 km of offroad to get to the most beautiful place I have seen on Earth. Was not expecting this at all.

Nick had told us that, if we were up for it, try to take the road that takes us to meat cove. That it would be tough but worth it. Thank you, Nick.

There are 3 cabins here and a couple places to set a tent. A cafe with internet – go figure – and a few other travelers who wanted to get away from it all. We meet a couple from Ontario who offer a beer when we arrive and Caren, an kick-ass nurse/massage therapist/yoga teacher/enviro activist who has traveled on her own, partly hitch hiking, from Michigan to this spot.

The view is amazing. Photos and videos later will do better than words. We set up the tent on an area of about 50 sq m, surrounded by rock cliff and ocean. Sun sets behind us and the tent’s door faces east to catch the sunrise.

After set up and meeting the other campers, we lay on a wooden table with dad, see shooting stars every 15 minutes, and I get a refresher on his most adventurous tales traveling in Colombia during his teenage years.

Around 10PM we are joined by another spirit. A bright orange half moon rises from the east. Its a candle! I could not believe that the moon could be this color. Illuminating the ocean. Taking away the shine of the stars and calling for attention.

We both recognize that this trip has gained its spot in the book of unforgetable stories for both of us.

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  1. Wow! This place sounds awesome … looking forward to seeing the pictures, and then figuring out how to take a trip up there myself! Just started raining in NYC — hopefully the good weather holds up for you.

    Me gusta

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