Day 5 – Mile 1211 – Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Big day, big landscapes. Today we enter Nova Scotia!! We were sent off by Melissa with pancakes, OJ, and sausage for dad. this is going way beyond the standards for couchsurfing.

Nueva Ezcocia 2009 026

Leaving <St. John at 830AM we border the entire bay of Fundy, from St. John to Moncton to the northern coast of Nova Scotia. Its the place with the highest tides on earth! from low tide to high tide, sea level rises about 32 feet. so its usual to see boats laing on the ground during low tide and ready to rise for the high tide.

Nueva Ezcocia 2009 008

This happens due to the very narrow funnel that two coasts (new brunswick and nova scotia) create for the atlantic.

We got to Hopewell a bit late into the high tide so could not see what the rocks are like underneath. but here3 you can see what we saw and what it would have looked like 3 hours earlier.

Nueva Ezcocia 2009 021


A good part of the road to Fundy Natl Park was under construction, increasing the fun for a couple hours. Vimeo videos not embedding well, can only post link…

Fundy National Park from Mateo Bueno on Vimeo.

getting close to hopewell rocks

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