5 states in 1 day

This is unreal. Every state keeps raising the bar for the rest. We started in NY this morning. crossed CT, MA, NH and entered ME. Counted 5 clouds all day. Quickly getting chillier here in maine. We are an hour away from the final destination (of the day) after a 12 hr day. Should have brought a better sweater. This will be one of our longest days. 360 mile lots of back roads. I can feel the pain on my ass but its more than worth it. The views, the barns, the old post office buildings. The air getts crisp as u go up. I think of tich nahn hanh – this is as present as you get. When u breath in, think: «I am now breathing in». When you breath out, think «I am now breathing out.»

Maple cabin in east hartland, (ct). They trust visitors to pay for product and leave money at the register. Saving big by extending their trust to society. 🙂 We take a fruit spread for silas’ parents – where we are staying tonight.

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  1. Mate, I am reading your blogs and totally envisioning everything. I am so proud of you for doing this with your dad. Enjoy every minute. Te adoro…safe travels! ah, y saludos a don Gonzalo.

    Me gusta

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