Nepal Day 5: Pissang to Besisahar

Reportaje de Mateo Bueno

8AM. Hike down from Upper Pissang to Pissang to pick up the motorcycle.

FullSizeRender 5_sml
Bridge connecting Pissang to town of Upper Pissang.

Halfway from Pissang to Besisahar I get the news. I’m eating a mixed veggie curry lunch for 300 ruppies ($3) when the guesthouse owner comes out to share:

«No road to Besisahar. Landslice.»


«Yes. Landslice. Two. No pass. You stay here?»

I don’t have too many extra days to stay longer in Annapurnas. Bike is due back in 3 days and I plan to go to Chitwan – the flat/hot/jungle region of Nepal – on my way back to Katmandu.

«I’ll try to pass and if I can’t, I’ll come back to you.»

«No pass. No motorcycle pass.»

FullSizeRender 6_sml
Any given road in the Himalaya.

There is an incentive to host tourists in this low season. Most guesthouses stay empty for months and like farmers, they harvest the yield in November and December’s high season.

I take my chances and 30 minutes ahead… landslice.

Landslide 2 hours before Besisahar on the way back.

The entire road is gone. An excavator is carving out new road and 30 jeeps are waiting for the repairs on both sides.

We wait an hour and it’s all fixed. I’m lucky. Had I been here last night, I would have been stuck for a day. And even worse if you happen to be crossing this section during the landslice. 🙂

I arrive at Besisahar where I also get in touch with the local hospital. They have installed solar from Gham Power and they know already that I’ll be shooting a bit of video.  I get a tour from the hospital CFO. The facilities are minimal but the hospital supports the entire state and is the main point of arrival for locals and tourists who need medical attention after emergencies on the trails.


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