Day 3 – Mile 650 – Bar Harbor

Best lobster yet. Also our first time losing each other. Chatterbox (aka radios) batteries were dead, we GPS a cheap hotel in bar harbor, find one on 374 Main st. and tell each other we will meet there. Dad starts following his GPS to go to 374 Main st. in Southwest Bar Harbor (another town!). all is well (thanks to international calling from dad’s phone), we laugh it off, and we find an even cheaper motel – the villager. recharge batteries – literally and figuratively.

The morning out of bar harbor we went to cadillac mountain – where the sun first rises in the US (thanks Liam!).

Full moon over the Atlantic – almost looked like those tacky «paintings» you see guys do in times square with spray cans and circular cardboard shapes to create oversized moons and purple skies. everything is a movie setting.

Canada2009 221

Una respuesta a “Day 3 – Mile 650 – Bar Harbor

  1. Esta una nota la fotico… mucha suerte de aqui en mas!!
    Un abrazo para ambos y que sigan asi de bien aventuraditos gracias a la tecnologia Garmin. Tio no se me atortole, los canadienses son unas madres todos!!! Aproveche y practique ese ingles!!! Mateo siga con las buenas fotos!!!
    Un abrazo grande.

    Me gusta

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