Day 4 – Mile 878 – St. John, NB, Canada!

Today, the trips takes a couple turns.

First, we turn to Canada! my third time bringing cecilia to the northern neighbor, but the very first time in this part of the world. dad’s first time riding in canada. the border had a bit of traffic, nothing major.

Second, we turn to couchsurfing. I’ve managed to convince dad that the «inconvenience» of not staying at a hotel comes with the convenience of meeting complete strangers with open hearts, minds, and homes. We are staying at Melissa’s place in downtown St. John – which beats any hotel in town. Her cat, Zander, is also the size of a medium size tiger.

Dad was uncertain about the couchsurfing… as I write this he is teaching spanish to Melissa and playing with Zander in the living room.

Gonza and Melissa
Canada2009 244

13 respuestas a “Day 4 – Mile 878 – St. John, NB, Canada!

  1. PILAS!!!!
    Mateo: Pilas con el couchsurfing!!! Puede perder a su papa en cualquiera de las paradas!!! Dejar a su familia, niñas huérfanas, BMW adventure abandonada y ni hablar de sus amistades!!! Imagino que es una experiencia del putas pero no le pierda el ojo, sino a la semana esta dictando alguna clase en un pueblito de New Brunswik, tiene un club de motos que se reune en el barsito local de Montreal y es amigo hasta de las mascotas!!! PILAS!!!

    Me gusta

  2. No me queda claro si el Tio Gonza le ensenio espaniol al gato!!!Pero que lo logra lo logra!!!!Mateo porfa sea responsable y cuide de su papa….

    Me gusta

  3. Hello!! I am so happy to hear that you made it to Halifax safely. Hope you got to see some actual people of saint john as you were continuing your journey ( haha I swear we are not always a ghost town!)
    It was a pleasure to meet you and your father! You two are more than welcome here anytime.
    Cheers and safe travels!

    (I would love to have a copy of us by the bike )

    Me gusta

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