Our Friend Paul Shore

We left Lake Louise early morning, it was raining. We didn’t know exactly how to reach our final destination: Miami.
Last night we spoke with these fellows from Jupiter, Fl who were riders too. They suggested a route (they did it on a truck), so on a motorcycle they even didn’t know which one to take. We were planning on going down to Great Falls Montana, not passing thru Calgary. But being the last major city we would be passing in Canada, my dad wanted to see if he could find a BMW helmet thingy as they are not sold in the US. After entering Calgary, this trucker approaches us in the gas station. We were talking about how to get back, when he comes in and starts asking questions. He finally says he has a better idea than ours in order to get to Miami. We pull out our maps and start drawing his route. It looks amazing! Going thru the major routes NOT, already seems the way to go. Thanks so much to this anonymous driver. Once again Canadians surprise us with their kindness. We arrived at Blackfoot Motorsports where they didn’t have the stuff dad wanted, but did have tires! And our fronts where in need of replacement soon. We could have done probably some more miles with them but it seemed the right thing to do to just change them there as we didn’t know where could these tires be found again. So we made up our minds and decided to give it a go. Unfortunately the service dept couldn’t put the tires on the bikes that day. We asked the guys if they would know a place where to put the tires and they suggested a small shop couple blocks away, http://www.motorradperformance.com
We arrived there, faithless. I didn’t even remove my helmet or gloves. I entered the shop and asked for service. That’s when we met Paul. He at first welcomed me, as if knowing we were in need of help. I asked if he sells tires, he says he does but doesn’t have the ones we require in stock. After a short conversation he suggests maybe we could get them at Blackfoot and get them to him so he can put them on the bike! I think that’s awesome. He even suggested he could put them while we have lunch so no time is lost. He reads our minds! He says he will charge us 60 bucks which is pretty expensive for us, but considering the situation we agreed. We go get the tires, bring them back to him and ask him where to grab some lunch. He points up the hill a pizza place that he goes a lot to. But its around 30 celcius and climbing up the hill seems like quite an effort. Especially with our bike clothes. Paul reads our minds again and says: Hey wait, I will drive you there!! So he does, picks our menu, leaves us there and tells us we should be there by the shop in an hour or so. We walk down the shop where we find our bikes ready to roll. We start packing up and Camila already feels like sleeping, she wants to buy a redbull from Paul and he gestures saying just take it. Oh thanks! We are amazed of the service he provided we want to buy som T-shirts. But we got no canadian money left! We ask if we can pay with US dollars and he agrees, but first he gave us discounts on the change of tires!!. I mean, we knew people in Canada were friendly. They had been so kind in all our trip, but Paul exceeds the term. He stopped doing what he was doing in his shop in order to help us meet our deadline (stupid deadline by the way) of getting to Miami in six days from there. He was so polite, so kind and so memorable that he made leaving Canada even more bittersweet and nostalgic. After the picture was taken, we started the journey into the US southbound.

Goodbye Canada, you certainly made this trip worthwhile. As a homage to Paul this entry of the blog is written in English. Cheers!!!

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